Tips to help you enjoy Mother’s Day

26 10 2008

1. Give yourself a gift. And I mean something amazing-some item or outing that will take your mind off stepkids who might not call or send cards. I have a lovely bracelet I received from myself last year for a job well done.  

2. Have lunch with your best friend. See the people you love who you make you feel good about yourself.  

3. Ask your spouse to cook dinner. It’s a special day. Let your partner do the heavy lifting.

4. Go easy on yourself. It’s an emotionally loaded day for women who do so much work of raising kids without the credit. If you’re having a rough time, be forgiving of yourself.

5. Create your own day. One of my stepdaughters decided our family should celebrate Jacque Day-a separate day from Mother’s day, which my stepkids celebrate with their mother. It was incredibly sweet of her, but it also let us off the hook. Now we don’t have to feel weird or guilty about what we “should” be doing on Mother’s Day. And the kids aren’t placed in a loyalty bind by feeling they have to give me attention on their mom’s day. Happy [insert your name here] Day!



One response

11 08 2009

1. A real mother does not have to buy herself a gift. Her children do, or the father makes sure they do. In fact, most mothers would rather spend that money on heir kids or save for a vacation to take their kids before they would spend it so lavishly on themselves. Anyone can go out and buy themselves something any day. The reason you would have to buy yourself something is to keep your mind off the fact that you are jealous of the kid’s mother having a day for all the hard work SHE does.

2. You will have time to go out with your friends because you don’t have children and don’t have to find a babysitter. You are not celebrating Mother’s Day because the kids are with their MOTHER.

3. Your partner has done enough heavy lifting with his kids. A stepmother has lots of breaks, when the kids go back to their mother’s.

4. It’s an emotionally loaded day for women who do so much work of raising kids without the credit a.k.a. a mother.

5. Completely agree with this, get your own day and don’t take credit on Mother’s Day.

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