What every stepmother needs.

26 10 2008

1. Earplugs. Need I say more? A stepmother without sleep is a stepmother without the foundation of self-care she needs to be the best she can be.


2. Friends. Find people who understand what it’s like to be a stepmom. You need supporters who won’t think you’re crazy when you tell them that today you wish your stepkids had never been born.


3. Time Off. Even if your stepchildren are over only for the weekend, if you need an hour or two to decompress, get out of the house and see a movie or go for a walk. It’s easy to feel like you have to be there every second, but you don’t. The kids need alone time with Dad anyway. As long as you’re not gone all weekend, taking time off can help you be a better stepmom.


4. A Sanctuary. Do you have a room of your own? A place you can retreat to in your home that can help you refresh yourself? If not, create one immediately! It’s important that you feel like you have a place in your house where you can unwind.


5. A Solid Marriage. It’s critical that you and your spouse spend time every single day tending your commitment to each other. Share a quiet moment in the morning. Have a weekly date. Renew your vows to each other on each anniversary.




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