Say “I Do” to Your Stepchildren

28 10 2008

Raising kids is tough. Raising kids who are not your own is really challenging. Whether you are a full-time, part-time or twice-a-year, only-on-holidays stepmom, it’s important that you say “I Do” to the kids. Some stepmoms make a ritual out of it by including kids in the wedding ceremony. Some women just commit in their hearts to help raise the kids or to have a positive impact. What you’re doing when you say “I Do” is setting the intention to be present with the kids, to say “yes” to what they have to teach you about yourself, about your partner, and about the world. Saying “I Do” is saying “Yes.” Even when stepparenting is not the most fun job in the world, it can still teach you something. You can get something good out of it. I encourage you to say “Yes.” Say “I Do.”




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