S.M.A.C.K.s for Stepmoms: Ask for what you need.

28 10 2008

Since becoming a wife and stepmother, I have said, “I’m sorry,” more than ever before. I’ve had to apologize for letting a comment about one of my stepkids slip out that made my husband feel bad. I’ve had to hold out olive branches to our other household. I’ve had to tell my stepchildren I’m sorry I was in a bad mood or fell asleep before I could tuck them into bed or had to skip the family walk to take care of the baby. But sometimes, I’m not sorry. Sometimes they need to apologize to me. What’s one thing that you think your spouse or stepkids need to apologize for? Instead of holding it in, tell your spouse what you need. Calmly share your feelings with your stepkids and let them know they’ve stepped out of line. The more real you can be with your family members, the richer your relationships will grow.

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One response

13 11 2008

I’ve been absorbed in your blog for 30 minutes now and this post jumped out at me.

I think there’s one blanket “I’m sorry” I’d wish my stepkids and husband would say: “I’m sorry I forget that this isn’t always easy for you either”

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