S.M.A.C.K.s for Stepmoms: Talk to each other.

28 10 2008

Have an uncomfortable conversation with your partner. It could be about anything you’ve been avoiding or have had trouble resolving. Only attempt this challenge using the following guidelines.

1.) Listen to each other, for real. Make sure you can see your partner’s point even if you disagree.

2) Do not interrupt.

3.) No contempt, sarcasm, or criticism allowed.

4.) If things get too tense, make a joke or compliment your spouse.

5.) Take ownership of your baggage, assumptions, and victim statements.

6.) Brainstorm creative alternative solutions to your predicament.

And finally, remember that you love each other and you both have good intentions. Sometimes partnership is difficult, but there’s a reason you’re there now willing to go deep with your partner. Before you end this conversation, tell your partner at least three special moments you cherish from your time together.

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