S.M.A.C.K.s for Stepmoms: Through the eyes of a child.

28 10 2008

This month, if you would describe one (or all) of your stepchildren as difficult, selfish, horrible, spoiled, a brat, whiny, manipulative, mean, distant, angry, or prone to temper tantrums, then I challenge you to look beyond the behavior. What could be causing their actions? What feelings might be underneath fueling the hostility? Children are not adults, even though we stepparents often treat them like mini grown-ups. But their brains aren’t even fully developed until their mid-twenties. They simply can’t express feelings or deal with challenging situations like we can. Take a moment and try this exercise. Describe what you think your stepchild’s life is like through their eyes. Write it in the first person, as though you are the child.

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