Big Changes

1 11 2008

I am excited to announce some big changes! I will no longer be sending out the Becoming a Stepmom newsletter. Now you can find all the archived stories from all the newsletters up on this blog at I will be adding new content every week so you’ll still be able to read the newsletter, but in blog form! We’ll be able to connect with each other in a more direct way with online conversations. I hope you’ll feel free to comment, ask questions, suggest topics, and give others advice about what worked for you. I will also continue to build a resources page that will ultimately contain books, therapists who specialize in stepfamily development, organizations, and websites. If you’ve got favorites send them along!

The blog will continue to have advice from marriage and family professionals, ideas from veteran stepmoms, and summaries of the latest research and how we can apply success strategies to our own families.

If you’re new to Becoming a Stepmom, you can sign up to receive new posts in your email inbox. Just click the link at the top of the right-hand navigation. 

In addition to the blog at, I am also working on a new book series called 101 Smackdowns for Your Inner Critic: Knock out your doubts and create the life of your dreams. Check out the blog at and let me know what you think! Your feedback is always deeply appreciated.

Questions? Feel free to email me at becomingastepmom (at)

Here’s to building stepfamilies that last a lifetime.






One response

2 11 2008
Nancy Fletcher

I’m very excited about this more interactive resource for all of us who care about stepmomming.

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