A Poll: Do You Get Along With The Ex?

18 11 2008

After you vote, if you do get along with your stepchildren’s bio mom, please comment on this post and share your advice about how you deal with the ex!



6 responses

18 11 2008

Hi there,

I am a step mom who gets a long just fine with my husband’s ex wife. We have good role models – my two moms get a long, her two moms get a long (like best friends), so it really made things easier for us when I was introduced into the picture. Not only do I get a long with my step kids’ bio mom, but her whole family welcomed me in. How many step moms do you know spend Thanksgiving with the ex-wife’s family? Or Christmas? Or vacation together? (My husband and I are staying with her father and step mom when we go to Florida in March)

18 11 2008

I love PollDaddy.com don’t you?

I would consider myself friends with the ex, but it’s been a difficult process. I have had to smile and keep my mouth shut on many occassions and I’m typically the type of girl who doesn’t like to be told what I can and can’t say.

I like to think that it’s built character and made me a good role model

19 11 2008

There is not a category in this poll to accurately describe my relationship with my stepkids’ mother. She struggles with mental illness, she is not able to have a real relationship with anyone. She is “impossible” because the way the synapses in her brain are wired, she is not capable of being “possible” with anyone. Adults are forced to relate to her the way we relate with children.

20 11 2008

I was also unable to find an appropriate category – we’ve never met, although we live a mile apart! My husband and I have been together for 3 years, married for 1 and are now expecting our first child together. I guess we’re “civil,” because I’m always careful to not talk negatively about her (or give off that vibe – kids are perceptive!). It seems she’s taking a similar approach, as the stepchildren don’t seem to showing any indications otherwise, which is good. It feels really strange to me, but we feel like it’s really her call. The offer has been made (by hubby), but she hasn’t shown any interest.

23 11 2008

Much like Kate, I too have a difficult relationship with my stepdaughter’s mother due to her mental illness. I make every attempt to be civil and would be open to a friendly relationship with her as I think it would greatly benefit my stepdaughter however, she struggles with major depression and often lashes out at me. Things are relatively calm these days mostly due to the decision my husband and I made to not engage in the ex’s negative behaviors. I don’t think I’ll ever have a “good” relationship with my stepdaughter’s bio mom but I’m hopeful we can have an uneventful relationship!

23 11 2008

I have tried for almost 9 years, we’ve never been friends but I have always been polite, civil and respectful that she is the boys’ mother. I’m afraid I can’t say such positive things about her reaction to me. She has no diagnosed mental illness, health problems or other.

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