Another Book Giveaway

2 12 2008

Many thanks to Erin over at The Erin Experiment for the review of my book A Career Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Stepmom! Erin gave the book a Five Steps rating out of Five. Here’s an excerpt:

“Whether you’re new to being a stepmom or have been at it for years, this book offers valuable insight into the minds of stepmothers throughout America.
From finances and wills to biological babies and exes, she writes about these topics in a tone that makes you feel like you’re having a intimate conversation over coffee rather than reading a book. I was so engaged in the research and anecdotes, that I finished the book in less than 24 hours.
My favorite paragraph from the book reads:
“When I’m feeling sorry for myself, I sometimes think negative thoughts, such as ‘Well I didn’t choose to run out and have kids. I wasn’t the one who decided to get married so young and have children. So why do I have to deal with someone else’s decision? It’s not fair!”
How many stepmoms have thought or said that very same sentiment?”

Heads up Stepmoms: Erin has an extra signed copy of my book she’s giving away to readers of her blog. Thanks again Erin! And to those of you who haven’t read Erin’s blog yet, you should. It’s fantastic.




One response

14 12 2008

I just wanted you to know that my boyfriend has a couple of kids, and I’ve just started looking into research on the stepfamily business, and how others have dealt with it. I very much think that the two of us are on the same page, but it’ll be a first for both of us as well, so I’m looking forward to hopefully winning a free book! and definitely keeping up with the articles and blogs from you girls. Thanks so much for the resources!

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