The Ex – An Exercise

11 03 2009

Over at the Stepfamily Letter Project, the majority of the letters we’ve received so far are from stepmoms to bio moms. So I thought it would be fun to try an exercise. Answer the questions below in a notebook or word doc that you can burn or delete when you’re done. (I understand that you wouldn’t want this to fall into the wrong hands.)

Answer the following questions and fill in the name of the bio mom(s) in your life.  I did this one myself to test it out before I posted it for you and found it surprisingly revealing and cathartic.

I wish ______________ would:

I am angry with ____________ because:

I need ____________ to:

I am hopeful that _________________ will:

I doubt that ________________:

I contribute to the problems with ________________ by:

I can make the relationship with ______________ better by:

Now burn it!



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