Another TV Opportunity

19 03 2009

Hollywood is calling again. If you missed the three other reality shows looking for blended families, here’s another chance:

Production Company Seeking Large Blended Family For Reality / Documentary Television Show

Left/Right TV is a New York City-based production company currently seeking a step-family for a new reality television show. We are looking to find a large blended family. And it would be best if this family was newly formed, but we will consider all step families.

We are particularly interested in racially diverse unions. African-American father with African-American children married to White mother with white children, or any combination of different races in one household. But it does not have to be interracial: we are truly looking for real families dealing with real issues: step-sibling adjustments, financial stresses brought on from the current economy, distribution of labor and any other issues that come up in a modern American home.

We are looking for articulate, intelligent parents and children who live in
suburban environments and live middle-to-upper-middle-class lives any where

in the United States of America. We also would like to ideally find a family that has only lived this new and blended life for a year or less.

Please consider being a part of this exciting opportunity to tell the story
of a single family’s way of dealing with the issues that the entire country
is dealing with right now.

If you and your family are interested in being a part of this timely project
– please get in touch by sending a letter describing your family as well as
a recent photo of everyone to: And please feel free to send this notice to anyone you think may be interested in being a part of this opportunity.

Please call Michael Sutton 212-695-1625 ext. 340 if you have any questions or advice on how to find a great family.

LEFT/RIGHT • 145 WEST 28TH STREET, 7TH FLOOR • NEW YORK CITY • 10001 TEL (212) 695-2092 • FAX (212) 695-1625 • WWW.LEFTRIGHT.TV




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