Good Morning Stepmoms! (And America, Too)

2 04 2009

Very exciting news! Brenda Ockun the publisher of Stepmom Magazine will be featured on Good Morning America tomorrow! Wahoo! The camera crew will be taping Brenda, her family, and the ex. Tune in Friday morning at 8 a.m. on ABC. Congrats Brenda!




2 responses

3 04 2009

I thought the segment on GMA this morning was great. Being a new step-mom, I can appreciate what model Giselle said about her step-son, because I feel the same way. I do think that the relationship with Brady and Bundchen is different from the relationship of the author and her step-children’s mother because Brady was not married to his child’s mother, and that poses a different dynamic when it comes to hurt feelings etc as a matter of fact it seems like the mother on GMA was harboring a lot of hurt feelings from the dad which had nothing to do with the step-mother. May I suggest the movie “Step Mom?”

3 04 2009

This is definitely a case of perspective. The absolute best thing a step mom can say is they love their “bonus” child as their own. A child’s heart is big enough to love all parties involved. My daughter’s step-mother and I could be best friends (if she weren’t married to my ex!). I love my her. My daughter loves her stepmom and we’ve been blessed to have her in our extended family for over 20 years. Our grandson is been blessed with much more love and happiness because of our ability to truly enjoy each other’s company. People who can only love their blood family or don’t wish their child to love a step need to look at their motives. An enriched and happy child will be a joy to all.

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