Resources for Stepfamilies in Trouble

22 04 2009

I’ve had several letters lately from struggling stepfamily members asking for resources that will help (and by stepfamily I mean anyone dating, living with, engaged to, or married to someone who has kids from a previous relationship). I have a list of resources that I am putting together and will eventually put on a separate page on my blog hopefully sooner rather than later. But as I’m putting together this list I thought I’d ask all of you if you’ve worked with an amazing counselor, therapist, or coach, read a helpful book, or watched a useful video. If you have, please let me know and I’ll add your resource to the list. For now if you’re struggling, check out the links on the side of this page for a place to start. You can also check the back of my book where I list many resources including books, websites, and organizations. There is help out there for stepfamilies. Let’s prove it!



One response

22 04 2009

This is so important! Thanks for getting the issue out there! In researching my own book I discovered that many times women with stepchildren end up in therapy with someone who is not experienced in the field of stepfamily studies, and actually gives them unhelpful or even harmful advice. It’s crucial to be in psychotherapy with someone who knows a stepfamily’s, stepcouple’s and particularly a stepmother’s issues–since stepmothering, the research shows, is the most stressful role of all. I trust the NSRC–National Stepfamily Resource Center–for referrals. The experts associated with them are top notch and extremely experiences. Go to and then click on the link that says “find a professional in your area.”

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