Mother’s Day Dare

29 04 2009

Hi gals:

Here’s a dare for you from The Step Mom’s Toolbox: Send a Mother’s Day card to your stepchildren’s mother. Can you do it? Will you? Here’s more of the post, check out the blog for the full story.

“This Mother’s Day I am going to not only honor and recognize my mom, my step mom, and my mother-in-law, but I am also going to honor and recognize my daughters’ step mom (she would be my ex-husband’s wife) AND my step children’s mom (she would be my husband’s ex-wife).

This costs me NOTHING except $3.00 for a nice Hallmark card and what ever the US Postal Service is charging for stamps these days.

My goal is to encourage 5,000 or more step moms to send their step kids’ mom a Mother’s Day card.”





2 responses

29 04 2009

Thank you so much for showcasing the Mother’s Day Dare on your blog! I really appreciate this! ~ Peg

1 05 2009
The Smirking Cat

This is a good idea if it can be a sincere gesture. It is impossible in some situations (for instance, when the biological mother continues behavior that harms the children). Recognizing each other’s parenting roles (father, mother, stepmother, stepfather, etc.) would be ideal.

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