S.M.A.C.K.s for Stepmoms: Air it out.

11 05 2009

Over the weekend I finished Wednesday Martin’s new book Stepmonster. Wow. It’s a great read. One of the things I loved most about it was how Wednesday gives stepmothers the permission to feel all the dark sides of being a woman with stepchildren. There were many things that struck me but I wanted to share this with you guys:

“Any feeling that we cannot air has to go somewhere, and too often when we hold it in or tamp it down, it grows aggressively beneath the surface, blooming into a dense thicket of resentment, fear, rage, and even depression.”

To that end, I invite you all to write an anonymous letter to anyone in your stepfamily structure about anything you want. Then burn it up and throw it out or post it on the Stepfamily Letter Project where no one will know it’s you but you. Think you can guess which letter is mine? Ha! You’ll never know! But I got out some good stuff that helped me detox my soul.

Visit my other blog www.smackyourinnercritic.com for more information on how to S.M.A.C.K. your Inner Critic.



3 responses

12 05 2009

Jacque – I’ve almost finished reading Wednesday Martin’s book as well. It’s incredible and quickly becoming one of my top recommendations for step moms.

18 05 2009
Carol Shwanda

Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely be reading this book. As soon as I finish No One’s the Bitch. Also very good. As a mother of two and stepmom of three, I am always interested in hearing other women’s perspective on step parenting and blended families.

19 05 2009
The Smirking Cat

Ranting over the BM’s irresponsible behavior gets tedious, so I actually wrote a letter to the kids instead. It felt so much better and is something I want to save to share with them.

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