The Stepmother’s Theme Song

11 05 2009

Check this out. I think the fab Melody Gardot has come up with our theme song. Gardot was struck by a car at the age of 19 and used music therapy to recover her body and soul. In an article that ran in the Sunday Times, she is quoted saying: 

“Music is the thing that saved me. It’s the thing that gave me purpose…Music is my love. Probably the greatest love of all for me. Men are just my lovers.”

I have no idea if she’s a stepmom or not (perhaps not, judging by the above quote) but so many stepmoms I’ve talked to over the years have asked the question: Who Will Comfort Me? So there’s our question of the day: who does comfort you? (Shout out to Kara for introducing me to Ms. Gardot’s music!)

P.S. If you see a message that says “embedding disabled” or something like that, just click on the video box again and it will take you right to YouTube where you can watch the video.



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