Do you have physically violent stepchildren?

28 07 2009

Ladies: Wednesday Martin, the author of Stepmonster is looking for stepmoms to interview. Here is her request and contact info:

“If you are a woman with stepchildren who has experienced physical violence in your household at the hands of your stepchild or adult stepchild, or know someone who is, I would like to hear from you for research purposes. I also encourage you to find support so that you can feel and be safe in your home. My email address is”



One response

12 01 2012

i am actually a father with a step daughter who has punched me, hit her mother, punched her brother, beat up her step sister pretty badly (pulling hair, kicked her in the stomach, hit her iin the face), and was in a fight with a cousin. all 5 events happened separately, and all within the past 10 months. our concern at first of course was with the daughter who is being violent, but over time, i am growing more concerned with the rest of the families safety. her naturral mother, my wife, is having a hard time with this and it is causing great friction between us. she has recently been removed from our home, and my wife feels she is choosing me over her daughter. what a mess. what do you think? the daughter is 16 years old, will be 17 in about a month

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