New Podcast: Stepfamily Law

26 08 2009

stepmomcircles3Gals: Listen to this episode of  Stepmom Circles, my free podcast for this week’s interview. I talked with stepfamily law expert Margaret M. Mahoney! She is a lawyer, a professor of law at the University of Pittsburgh, and the author of the ONLY book about stepfamily law that I’ve been able to find, Stepfamilies and the Law. The book was published in 1994, but sadly not very much has changed since then. Click on the book link to see the entire book online or order a copy of it if you’re looking to do more research.

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Click the above link to listen to this episode or visit HERE to browse all the Stepmom Circles episodes.



2 responses

1 10 2009

I am just getting the opportunity to listen to this podcast (while home sick) and it is fascinating. Thank you!

8 07 2010


Is this podcast still available? I don’t see it listed on the page the link directs us to, and I didn’t see it in iTunes, either… I’d really like to listen to it, so any help would be appreciated!

Thank you,

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