New Podcast: Self-Care for Stepmoms with Pilar Gerasimo

4 09 2009

stepmomcircles3Another episode of the Stepmom Circles podcast is ready for your listening pleasure and just in time for the holiday weekend. Listen to my free podcast with Pilar Gerasimo, the editor of Experience Life magazine, a whole life health and wellness magazine as we discuss self-care for stepmoms.

You all know how important it is to take care of yourselves. I do, too. But I had no clue how bad it is for our bodies when we don’t do things we love to do! You’ll learn how important it is to increase the pleasurable experiences in your life. And if you’re living in a high-stress stepfamily situation, then you really need to listen to this and put the advice you’ll hear into practice right away!

During the interview we discuss a few articles that ran in Experience Life. Here they are for your reference: Take Care of Yourself and A Real Pleasure.

A big thanks to the sponsor of this podcast: Stepchicks, an online community for stepmothers who are debunking the wicked myth one woman at a time. The community includes forums and blogs where soon-to-be, new or veteran stepmoms from around the world can go for support, camaraderie, and valuable advice.

To browse all of the Stepmom Circles shows, click HERE.




One response

8 09 2009

Hooray for this! I hope every stepmom listens to this podcast. My self-care mission for stepmoms seems to fall on deaf ears. I hope this message gets through to at least one stepmom to make some healthy, happy changes in her daily routine!


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