Know any good books for kids?

15 09 2009

Readers: I got this letter from a dad who is looking for help. Read on and if you know of any books, let us know by commenting on this post!

I’m having trouble trying to find something for my wife (a fantastic stepmom), and am hoping you can help me.

As I expect you’re aware, most children’s books portray stepmothers negatively (not even as ‘stepmoms’, etc.). I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find ones that portray stepmoms in a positive way (how I found your website) to expand our home library. So far the only thing I’ve found is one that does so but in the midst of a divorce situation. Since our daughter has never known her mother and I to be together (left her before pregnancy was known), I’m afraid it will introduce other issues.

We love reading together, and my wife & daughter have an excellent relationship, I can just see that it bothers her every time Cinderella comes off the shelf… Any help would be appreciated.




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15 09 2009

How old is the daughter? That will make a difference for which books are recommended. Have him contact his local library as well. Most children’s librarians are a gold mine when it comes to books that address a particular topic.

15 09 2009

Try The Good Stepmother by Marguerita Rudolph.

15 09 2009

The not-so-wicked stepmother / by Lizi Boyd.
She’s not my real mother / story and pictures by Judith Vigna.
Room for Rabbit / by Roni Schotter.

How do I feel about my stepfamily / Julie Johnson ; illustrated by Christopher O’Neill
What kind of family is this? : a book about stepfamilies / by Barbara Seuling
Dinosaurs divorce : a guide for changing families / Laurence Krasny Brown and Marc Brown.

Maybe (focuses on reconciling relationships in step-families)
I have two families / Doris Wild Helmering ; illustrated by Heidi Palmer.
Mountain wedding / Faye Gibbons ; illustrated by Ted Rand.

16 09 2009

Another good book is “Callie and The Stepmother” by Susan Meyers, it’s a modern day Cinderella tale. I sure hope that this helps.

20 09 2009

Dinosaurs Divorce. My stepson especially liked this book.

26 02 2013
aj cervantes

We are running into the exact problem. We found out about my son when he was born and I was already with my now wife. It is difficult because she has been a mother figure to him from the beginning (now 18 months), and will continue to be. Everything out there is about readjusting to a new family, but this is the family he has always known, just with a different structure than the standard family. Now that this is several years later, does anyone know if books have come out that look at different family structures from the beginning–not one that comes from change? Ones that don’t separate step-parents into a different class but treat them as parents? (We don’t use the word step– we hyphen her initial and mom)

7 03 2013
My Fairy Stepmother (@FairyStepmother)

All the negative depictions of stepmothers out there is exactly why we wrote our children’s book, My Fairy Stepmother. It turns the Cinderella myth on it’s head, with a caring stepmother who helps her stepdaughter when she has trouble sleeping.

The book was just released on Amazon here:

Learn more at

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