New Podcast: The Ex Wife

13 10 2009

stepmomcircles3Tune in to the Stepmom Circles podcast to listen to a conversation I had with Joanie Winberg, the founder of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children. Joanie is also the host of Single Again! Now What? Blog Talk Radio show.

She’s the biological mom of two kids who are now in their 20s. She divorced their dad 14 years ago and their stepmom joined their family 7 years ago. Joanie’s advice for stepmoms, dads, and biological moms will have you wishing she was your partner’s ex!

I’ll be a guest on Joanie’s show on Wednesday, October 28th and it’s live so you can call in with questions. Watch for more info on that soon or click on the link to Joanie’s radio show.

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Click the link above to listen to this show or visit HERE to browse all the Stepmom Circles podcasts.




2 responses

18 10 2009
Mary Beth

I am listening to this interview as I type this email. The bio-Mom interviewed sounds like an absolute dream. She is fair, kind, caring and interested most of all in the welfare of her children. Unfortunately, this is not my reality at all. The bio-Mom to my stepdaughter is such a challenge for me and my family. I won’t outline the litany of ways that she is hurtful to us, but I am sure that many stepmoms who are reading my post can understand and fill in the blanks. With that said, I wonder if it is possible to find someone like my bio-Mom to interview for the show? I think it would be so interesting to learn her perspective and point of view. I am sure there is tremendous anger and hurt and resentment. Perhaps if I understood her better, I could handle the cruelty better. Food for thought for a future show…..
Thank you very much. I love your site and it has helped me tremendously. Mary Beth

19 10 2009

Mary Beth, I hear you and am in a similar position as you are. I like your suggestion, but I think they might run into a problem interviewing a problem like the bio-mom you have to deal with because as far as I can tell, the crazy’s don’t know their crazy. Know what I mean? Good luck with your situation though. Do everything you can to keep you and your relationship with your husband peaceful :).

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