Stepping Toward the Holidays

16 12 2009

There are few times of year as emotionally loaded as the holidays. For many stepfamilies the stress of figuring out how to navigate the traditions of each faction—his kids, her kids, our kids—can be exhausting and painful. Whether the kids are ages 5 or 50, conflict can arise about where to spend the holidays, whose rituals to follow, and who “counts” as a member of the family.

Listen to my top holiday tips for stepfamilies on Joanie Winberg’s fantastic Blog Talk Radio Show Single Again? Now What?!

You can listen to the free show online by clicking the link above to find out:

  • Why the holidays are so challenging for stepfamilies.
  • Strategies to make the holidays easier.
  • What stepmothers can do to make sure they aren’t too burnt out.

Enjoy! And thanks to Joanie for having me on your show again!



One response

17 12 2009
Blending Families

Blending Families is HARD! One good tip for the holidays is to set a budget and stick to it. The budget should reflect current debt and monthly financial obligations. Make a list of Holiday expenses including gifts, travel, extra food, entertainment, cards and stamps, and even wrapping paper. Gifts tend to be the biggest expense so check your list and consider no-cost gifts, such as car washing, baby sitting, or mowing lawns and shoveling snow.

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