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5 01 2010

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Jacquelyn B. Fletcher




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12 01 2010

Hi Jacque,

Just wanted you to know I’ve got a blog award for you on my blog. Thank you for all that you do for stepmoms!

2 04 2012

Its nice to know im not the only one out there dealing with this. I have two wonderful girls my oldest is two years old and she is my stepchild. my husband divorced her mother when she was very young but the two of them still do not get along. There is the custody battle going on andthe baby has went through a lot her first years. This child is the one of three great loves of my life but her mother constantly does spiteful, unresponsable, things with her. We worry about her constantly I have to keep notes on everything that happens. It has gotten so bad between her parents that the mother constantly accuses my husband and I of neglect and abuse and nothing could be more wrong. The childs mother costantly calls and comes up with excuses and always asks for favors on our time with the child. My biggest issue is i always get so angry at her not only the way she treats the baby but just the way she acts and chooses to be in general. She is horrable she lies to our faces we have caught in lie after lie and she is currantly living with another woman and we worry all the time what kind of enviroment she is in or who she is gonna leave the baby with. i keep my anger to myself i talk about it with my husband and my mother but i still have so much anger directed at this woman! when she calls to check on the baby i feel my blood pressure go up and the adrenaline. I get so testy with everyone but i love my family so much i cant help but feel the anger at the thought of them being mistreated.

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