Stepmom Circles Podcast: Role Ambiguity

4 02 2010

Tune in to my first Stepmom Circles Podcast of 2010 to hear a conversation I had with Claudette Chenevert of Coaching Steps about role ambiguity: one of the most challenging aspects of stepmothering. Because there are no known models for stepmotherhood–besides the wicked stereotype–we get to choose what kind of stepmother we will be. That’s a challenge and a gift! Listen to my free Stepmom Circles Podcast to hear what kinds of roles tend to work best for stepmoms. You can also check out my book A Career Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Stepmom for some exercises that can help you identify what role you’re comfortable with. And in the March issue of Stepmom Magazine, Erin Erickson will have an article about this important topic so keep your eye out for that. Here’s to finding a role that fits you and your family perfectly!

How do I tune in? Click the link above for this episode or visit HERE to browse all the Stepmom Circles shows.



2 responses

4 02 2010

I love that you mention there are no “good” role models for stepparenting. That is so very true. No wonder we are all confused.

4 02 2010

Such a good issue to flag for women with stepkids! I think we’ve all lived role ambiguity and for those of us who never had a word to hang on it–what a relief to know we’re not alone.
Thanks Jacque for the great podcast.
xx wednesday

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