First-Ever Stepmom Circles Retreat!!

12 05 2010

Dear Stepmothers:

I am thrilled to offer the first-ever Stepmom Circles Retreat! Are you free July 18-20? Do you want to meet other stepmothers who will likely become lifelong friends? Do you want to learn about how you can make your stepfamily life better?

Join me on Sunday, July 18, 2010, for a three-day stepmother extravaganza.

During our days together you will:

  • Bond with other stepmothers
  • Learn the ICES approach to stepmothering (Inspiration, Communication, Education and Support)
  • Discover proven strategies to create a stronger marriage and stepfamily
  • Take a break from your life to remember who you are and to renew your strength
  • Eat delicious food
  • Laugh a lot!

The retreat will be held at The Creamery, just outside Menomonie, Wisconsin, which is about 45 minutes away from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

I am limiting the retreat to 24 people so if you know you want to go, reserve your spot now by emailing me at becomingastepmom (@) gmail (d0t) com

Retreat: $350, includes two and and a half days of group sessions and individual attention from stepfamily expert, coach, author, and podcast host Jacquelyn Fletcher
Food: $100, includes a 4-course group dinner on Sunday night, beverages and snacks, and lunch on Monday. If you stay at the Creamery breakfast is included in the lodging charge on Monday and Tuesday.
Lodging: $150-175 per night. There are only 12 rooms available at The Creamery. If you’re willing to share a room with another stepmother, your cost goes down. There is also lodging available in nearby Menomonie.

If you’ve had enough of feeling isolated, left out, hurt, or angry and want a boost that will help you feel more positive, retreat!

Email me at becomingastepmom (@) gmail (d0t) com for more information.

A BIG THANK YOU to Kate, one of my readers who asked if I could bring this retreat closer to where she lives. The answer is: YES! If you want me to do a Stepmom Circles Retreat in a town near you, pop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

Here’s what past Stepmom Circles’ participants have to say about Jacquelyn Fletcher’s approach:

“I am so excited to feel like I have a strong chance of making it through this step life without losing my sanity or my marriage.”

“Jacquelyn, you are providing a valuable resource to stepmoms — and potential stepmoms too. While there are still several things about the situation that terrify me (including those I can’t even anticipate), I feel more prepared to handle them.”

“Jacque, I cannot begin to express how meaningful our conversations have been. Your concern, care and encouragement has been a hopeful light during a dark and challenging time. Thank you seems very inadequate, but it is most sincere.”

“Jacque, thank you for your continuing candor on the subject of being a stepmom…I’m finding it’s never too late to learn stepmom strategies.”



9 responses

12 05 2010

Ahhhh! I would love to go! Its too far away! Cant we get some closer?!? Maybe I should host one here in my home town! I could turn it into a revolution! How incredible! Thanks for the heads up…wish I could be there!


12 05 2010

Hi Kate:
Thanks for your enthusiastic response!! And you bring up an excellent point. If anyone wants to bring a Stepmom Circles Retreat to your area, contact me and I’ll see what I can do! What a great idea, I’ll post about it now!

Best wishes,

13 05 2010

Dear Jacque,

I wish you much success with this retreat! Please let me know how it goes. I’m leading a day-treat in New Hampshire on August 7th with a sister stepmom. Yoga, Reiki, and The Four Agreements (Plus we’re doing this at the Planetarium so attendees will also get to see “Tonight’s Sky”)


13 05 2010

Ah! I would love to go to New Hampshire too! How fun! I think I need to do something for the ladies in SW Colorado. That would be rockin!


14 05 2010

I think that I would really like to go to one of these retreats! I need help! I am willing to fly just about anywhere. I am available July 5-16,2010. Do you know any one that is holding a retreat during this time? Thank you for looking into it for me. I really appreciate it!

21 05 2010

Dear Diana:
It looks like we’ll just miss you for this one! I have had lots of stepmothers ask about taking the retreat on the road so I will keep you posted for any more retreats I schedule. Or if you want to help me put together a retreat in your town, let me know. I’ve decided to waive the retreat tuition for any women who help me bring the retreat to your city. The format is pretty flexible too so I can do it in a classroom, a hotel, a conference center, church, or your home. As far as I know, no one else is doing retreats like this. In the meantime you might join an online community to find some support: Stepchicks (see the link on the side of this page) or the Stepmom Circles or Enlightened Stepmothers groups on FaceBook. I hope that helps!
Best wishes,

25 05 2010
ex-wife's neighbor

Oh this would be perfect! Please let me know more about this: When and where each time one is coming up, and how can I arrange for a retreat in my home town?

26 05 2010

I think this is an awesome idea! I wish I could attend but we just don’t have the funds available at this time. I’m located in southern WI, so please let me know the next time there’s a retreat planned in our area.

16 06 2010
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