Stepmom Circles Seminar: The Ex-tra Woman: Success Strategies for Stepmoms to Better Cope, Communicate, and Co-Parent with the Ex-Wife.

3 06 2010

What’s your relationship like with the ex-wife in your life? Do you constantly compare yourself to her? Are you angry that she influences your calendar, finances, and marriage? Believe it or not, there are things you can do to make this tough relationship run a little easier. In the upcoming Stepmom Circles two-hour tele-seminar The Ex-tra Woman you’ll learn how to develop Ex-ray vision to help you with the other woman in your life. Learn techniques to help you:

• Reduce stress, anger, and resentment toward the ex

• Feel more included in decisions that affect you

• Deal with feelings of competition or jealousy

• Stop fighting with your partner about the ex

• Figure out what you can change and what you can’t

The Ex-tra Woman seminar is a live two-hour event held over the telephone. You can send me questions you want answers to before the event which I will answer during the seminar. If you think of something during the event, you can send me your question by email.

Please note: I will be recording this seminar so that I can offer it on my website to women who can’t make the date. If you participate in the live telephone seminar, you will get a free copy of the seminar on CD so you can listen to it as many times as you like.

DATE: Tuesday, June 22

TIME: 6 to 8 p.m. Central Standard Time

WHERE: Wherever you are. Just call in from your phone. You’ll get instructions when you sign up.

COST: $25 for the seminar, plus any long-distance charges that apply for you to call the seminar phone number. You’ll receive a FREE recording of the seminar after the event. You can pay via PayPal or by check.

WHO: I’ll be teaching this seminar and coaching people through their specific questions. If you’re new to my blog, this is me: Jacquelyn B. Fletcher is a stepfamily expert trained by the National Stepfamily Resource Center and the thousands of stepmothers she’s interviewed. She’s the author of the award-winning book A Career Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Stepmom, the host of the popular Stepmom Circles Podcast and co-founder of The Stepfamily Letter Project. Learn more at Erin Erickson, the founder of Stepchicks, co-founder of The Stepfamily Project and the writer behind the popular Erin Experiment blog will be joining me on the call.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Send an email to

Can’t attend but still want the information? CDs of the event will be for sale on my website later this summer.



2 responses

3 06 2010

Ahhhh! I so need to part of this! Now….to come up with a little extra dough! So, would this be something that I could invite the Biomom in my life to as well, or is this Step moms only? Just wondering!

4 06 2010

Hi Kate: If the Biomom in your life is open to doing something like this, feel free to invite her along as well. The seminar takes place over the telephone. To ask questions people send them to me in advance or email during the conference. All are welcome.

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