Where’s Jacque?

3 11 2010

Hello Dear Stepmoms!

I’ve heard from many of you lately with emails asking: Where are you? Life got in the way of my blogging and podcasting but I’m happy to say that I’m back in the saddle. If you have topics you’d like to hear on future episodes of the Stepmom Circles podcast or addressed on my blog, please let me know! It’s been a wild fall but I’ m happy to say that we’re all doing great. Work deadlines are met. The kids are all back in school and my daughter is almost potty trained. Life is good.

I recently had a conversation with Brian Johnson, the founder of www.PhilosophersNotes.com. Brian has spent the last two years reading all of the optimal living books he can find and he put together 6-page summaries, mp3 podcasts, and web videos of all the books for people on his website. It’s great! Self-development literature for people on the go. In our talk, he reminded me how important it is to “rock your fundamentals” as he calls it.

I’m going to reframe his words for us stepmoms. When you’re feeling down or you’re taking on a new challenge, or facing a daunting conversation you’re scared to have, first look to yourself. Are you doing the things you need to do to feel your best? Are you exercising? Are you praying or meditating? Are you doing those things that fill you up? (And do you know what they are?) If not, return to those fundamentals immediately! (Or discover what they are.)

A big shout-out to Brian for helping me remember to return to the things that give me the most energy. And a big thank you to all of you who continue to read my blog and listen to my podcasts. It’s so cool to know that I’m connected to so many wonderful women all around the globe.




2 responses

4 11 2010
Emma Walker

dear all
I think this website mihgt just save my life…. no not really, i will not be that dramatic… but i had noo idea that what i am vurrenbtky feeling is so normal and shared by other women. That alone is worth it.
I am coping with becoming a stepmom to three teenage girls and delving into me about why I am so atatched to them liking me or their mum liking me.. thought I had sorted those demons in the last marriage but here they are again in another context!
I am leanring so much about myself and about myself as a female.. maybe the parts i had lost and am forced to reclaim when i’m honest… the challengiing bits in the girls are usally the parts of me i dont want to look at… jealousy, demanding on their father, neediness etc etc!! my most common mantra in trying to deal with the issue whilst i am washing cleaaning speading money on them etc etc is that ‘I am the adult.. act like one!’ does anyone else feel that they somethimes feel like they are acting and are resorting to the behaviour of a 16 yo themselves?
Thank you for reminding me that all things take time, to lok at the big picture, to nurture me and my relatio nship (thankfully we so far have been able to hold the kids away from ‘us’) and for reminding me to rock my and our fundamentals….
love to you all even though i know none of you… i really feel like I do….

4 11 2010
Emma Walker

sorry about the terrible typos!!

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