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10 01 2011

Hello Dear Stepmoms:

First, a big thank you to all the ladies who alerted me my podcast was not up! I have switched my podcast host so you can once again listen to the shows. Find them here:

I am working to get all of the old shows up. Plus I have some exciting new ones coming soon. You can listen to the shows online or download the mp3 files to listen to on your iPod or mp3 player. You can also download them to your mobile device. If you have a favorite show, you can post it on your blog to share with others.

Soon I’ll have the show back up on iTunes as well. Thanks for your patience!

Have a topic you want to hear about? Leave a comment or send me a note at becomingastepmom (at) gmail (dot) com.



One response

17 02 2011
Adrienne Wilson

Hi Jacque,
I was just listening to your podcast titled: “A Grown Up Child of Divorce” and I was compelled to write in this post. The speaker shared that her current relationship with her father and stepmother is not in a good place. She also noted that the reason was that when she was younger she “ran away” from her father’s home to her mother’s. She also mentioned that she severed all contact with her father and stepmother for 5 years I believe it was after she ran away from them and their children (turning their lives upside down and rejecting all of the love and care that they had provided – particularly her stepmother). She then went on to mention that she reentered their lives when her father was gravely ill. Finally, she assumed that the relationship was “healed” at that point for the next 8 years when her stepmother shared with her that the relationship left much to be desired. Now, the reason for my post. I believe that this young lady can start the healing process for her “stuck” as she implied, father and stepmother by owning up to the gravity and selfishness of her decision to cut them out of her life and simply APOLOGIZE. I understand that she was a child when she made the offense but she is now a grown-up that obviously knows better from her own admissions. I heard everything from your speaker accept a heartfelt “I’m sorry” which I know as a stepmother of 3 daughters, I needed to move on from some of the many hurts that I endured “in the past”. Thanks for listening….great podcast as usual!

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