Spring Thaw

16 03 2011

It’s going to be in the 50s all week in Minneapolis. Hurray! The giant walls of snow lining our driveway are shrinking. And everyone I know is feeling more energetic, hopeful, and inspired since the sun is shining and the air is warming. The spring thaw in Minnesota is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. It reminds me of the work of positive psychologists Barbara Frederickson, Sonja Lyobomirsky, and Martin Seligman who all talk about positive feelings and the impact they have on our overall sense of well-being. If you feel good, you can solve problems with more creativity. If you feel good, you can be more flexible. If you feel good, you can be more compassionate.

What can you do this week to feel good?



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16 03 2011

I am meeting a dear friend for drinks prior to book club. I can’t wait! I’ve learned to plan fun events that take me away from the house during the weeks we have the steps. It makes it more tolerable for me.

17 03 2011
Emily Harbec

This stepmom blog comes at a time when I am struggling to find the positive because of my boyfriend’s many situations with the exwife’s toxic lifestyle which we are all struggle with, kids, his family and I. I am definitely trying to find my sunshine among the anxiety. Hope I find it soon because I need to see the silver line.

22 03 2011

I am in the same boat as you Emily….I am really starting to feel like it is all too much….I just don’t know what to do with it all. 😦 Sorry for throwing my own pity party…I guess there is some ridiculous small comfort to know I am not alone.

17 03 2011

The thaw does feel good. I locked myself out of the house today, which was frustrating for the first few minutes, but I ended up walking a mile to a friend’s house, and in the time it took to get there, I realized how beautiful it was outside and how appreciative I am that this long winter seems to be ending. One of my best friends just had her first baby, and I made three meals and took them over to her house. It feels so good to do things for other people and be around someone who has so much joy in her life right now. So, for the moment, that’s what I’m doing to feel good.

22 03 2011

I have decided that I am going to join a local step-mom support group to try to gain focus. I am hoping being around others struggling with the same things I am will help me to feel better and not so alone….crying alone is not getting me anywhere and the step kids don’t care and my boyfriend just doesn’t understand.
Here is to a good week!! 🙂

22 03 2011
La Madrastra

I hate to be a stereotype, but I indulged in a gorgeous bottle of Macallan 12 this week to get over the stress of being confined with step-minions for the last 6 days over their spring break. Deeee-LISH.

6 04 2011

I’m so glad I found your site, your podcasts and your book! Thank you! We’re in sunny(?!) Scotland where the spring bulbs I planted with my two step-daughters at the beginning of our very new, full-time relationship have just sprung and they look fantastic. Summer flower planting next. Sunflowers and strawberries. They can’t wait to see the results and neither can I!

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