Children’s Bill of Rights

30 03 2011

Stepmoms: When I received training in how to help stepfamilies from the National Stepfamily Resource Center, I got this document in their Smart Steps information for stepfamilies. The Children’s Bill of Rights has some wonderful guidelines to help both parents and stepparents talk to the kids about what they’re going through. Good stuff.



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30 03 2011

I have seen this before. Really important to remember

31 03 2011

I’m an adult child of divorce, and this stuff actually seemed natural to me. I’m a fighter by nature. What did not come naturally was to treat my step parents with respect.

There’s no common fix for all kids. Each one needs different coaching.

31 03 2011

Interesting point, Carrie – perhaps there should be a step-Mum’s Bill of Rights too, ie. EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect in a family 🙂

8 04 2011

Love this!

9 04 2011
La Madrastra

A well-outlined list. This was pretty intuitive stuff for our blended family, but having it written out like this is wonderful. I’ll be passing this along to other stepfamilies for sure.

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