Reduce Stepmom Stress

27 10 2008

1) Meditation. Sitting down for 10 minutes or an hour a day to clear your mind of clutter can be a powerful way to reduce stress. You can simply listen to your breathing or try a guided meditation.

2) Music. Listening to your favorite music can lighten your mood. Jam to some ridiculously loud dance music or put on an aria that’s so exquisite it gives you chills.

3) Appreciation. It’s easy to cruise through life forgetting to notice beauty. But paying attention to things that give you pleasure is an effective stress-buster. Head to the store to smell perfumes. Surround yourself with your favorite colors. Tear gorgeous pictures out of magazines. Wear clothing with textures that are wonderful to touch.

4) Exercise. Moving your body is an immensely beneficial way to feel better. Whether you run on a treadmill or sweat in a power yoga class, the endorphins will give you a boost of energy and a feeling of well-being.

5) Connection. Sometimes all we need to feel better is the knowledge that someone else understands and cares about us.

How do you chill when you’re home life is what’s stressing you out?