Father’s Day Rally

29 04 2009

Peter Spokes, the president of the National Center for Fathering is helping to plan a National Responsible Fatherhood Rally in Washington, D.C. Pass this along to the dads in your life! Check out his message below and the video about if from CEO Carey Casey.

“This Father’s Day marks the 100th anniversary of the first observance of Father’s Day. In recognition, a National Responsible Fatherhood Rally is being planned for June 20 on the Mall in Washington D.C. when organizers are
asking dads to make a simple, 5 point commitment to their children. The goal is to get more than 1,000,000 dads across the country to make this commitment prior to Father’s Day, and then begin living it. To accomplish
this goal, we need the help of every organization and individual working with dads.

The Commitment
The first three of the five points are focused on a dad’s relationship with his own children.

o Loving your Child – affirming and nurturing your child, loving and/or respecting the child’s mother.

o Coaching your Child – being involved in your child’s life and knowing them well

o Modeling for your Child – consistently living the values you wish to pass on to your children

Recognizing that there are 25 million children living without their dads who would still benefit from the involvement of a father or father figure we added a fourth point:

o Encouraging another Child – reaching out to a child in your sphere of influence and getting involved as a father figure

And to generate a sense of belonging and to ensure that we involve enough dads to make a difference, we added the final point:
o Enlisting other fathers – to make a similar commitment and to live the life of a responsible, involved father

These are the five elements of the 2009 Father’s Day Commitment: Loving, Coaching, Modeling, Encouraging and Enlisting. Our experience is that dads respond to this as a personal call to responsible fatherhood. They get it
and they remember it.”